Shipping Information



Cole Haan Central Europe currently offers shipping to Germany, Austria, Poland and Romania within EU. We also ship to Switzerland outside of the EU. All  markets are handled through our partners DpD and DHL.



How does it work?

All orders are facilitated by our partners, DpD and DHL and will be the merchant of record on all international shipping documentation, as well as on your billing statement. When you are ready to check out, you will be redirected to their checkout page, where you will be asked to enter your billing and shipping details. Once the order is placed, DpD/DHL will ship your order. From here the appropriate international documentations (such as import paperwork) will be added to your package and shipped to your final shipping address. Please contact customer service or access'Track My Order' if you have any questions about the status of your order.

Delivery time

The delivery time is 2 - 5 working days.

Shipping fees

Shipping charges depend on the location and shipping method chosen at checkout. The amount paid at checkout is fully inclusive of all shipping charges. 

Do I have to pay any separate customs and/or duty charges?

How you pay all customs fees, duties, and taxes depends on the laws and regulations specific to your final shipping destination. If any of these charges apply to your order, they will be added to your order at checkout to be prepaid with your order placement. Some countries allow for some or all of these charges to be paid upon delivery of the product. If this is applicable to your order, it will be reflected as an option on DpD/DHL page.


How can I track my order?

Access the DpD/DHL direct tracking system under 'Track Order' here you will be asked to enter your parcel number.


How can I ship to a different country?

Presently we do not offer this option.


Am I able to make a return if I am unsatisfied?

If your item is eligible, you will be able to initiate a return to our warehouse, contact our customer service representative and request a return label.  Using the label helps ensure that you will have all necessary paperwork to get your return through customs and back into our warehouse and be processed. If this paperwork is missing, it may result in delays or hold ups. Switzerland is non member of the EU and take extra notice when you process a return from outside the EU, if you need support please contact our customer service.